A Quick Guide to The Rose Bear – Everything You Need to Know about Luxury Rose Bears

You constantly think about the world of your loved one – your better half, your final puzzle piece, and the love of your life. That’s why you want the ‘crème de la crème’ of gifts for her. After all, she means everything to you. And you’re her knight in shining armor. So, what gift befits your one and only?

You’ll be glad to know that a rose bear checks ALL the boxes. Intricately handmade with individual faux roses, luxury rose bears are elegant pieces of beauty like no other. They ooze of sophistication, ritz, glamour, and above all, romance.

That’s right. There’s nothing that says “I love you” quite like a rose. And there’s nothing cuddlier than a teddy bear. And yet, a bear of roses brings together the best of the two worlds – the eclectic romantic touch of roses and snugly essence of a teddy bear. What a perfect gift for your wife, partner, daughter or mom, right?

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s high time you think about shopping for luxury rose bears to wow your date. A flower bear is hands down the greatest way to step up your romantic game this year. But there’s more to handmade rose bears than you think.

That’s why we have put together this handy guide to introduce you to important things you need to know about this nifty romantic gift. We’ll cover the basics and how to choose the picture-perfect one.

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Getting to Know the Rose Bear

A rose teddy bear is what it sounds like – a gorgeous decor teddy bear that’s made almost entirely of soft faux roses. The authentic luxury rose bears are usually handmade, with the artisan making sure that each synthetic rose is of top-notch quality, shape, and delivers that awesome pop of color.

Luxury rose bears make for undoubtedly the best gift for the lady you love or fancy. More importantly, it’s a gift made of elegant roses that’ll stay beautiful and lovely forever! The faux roses often come in a diversity of romantic hues, ranging from run-of-the-mill red to pink and even vanilla. There’s something for every lady when it comes to a bear of roses.

Handmade rose bears are also available in all sizes, shapes, and embellishments. When you get them from a reputable vendor like RoseBear.me, you can get them customized to your lover’s perfection. You can blend different colored roses, go for a mega size or even include a nice personalized message to get your lady in a romantic mood.

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What Makes Rose Teddy Bear the Perfect Gift for the Ladies in your Life?

What’s not to love about luxury rose bears!

It’s the Ideal Gift for Everyone, Every Occasion

Whether it’s your daughter, niece, mom, stepmom, girlfriend, BFF, or wife, you can never go wrong with a bear of roses. Go for a romantic red to arouse your wife’s’ or girlfriend’s innermost and basest feelings. Try a neutral color to show your mom that you appreciate and think about her regardless of the occasion. How about a flower rose bear in pink for your little one’s birthday?

There’s simply no occasion or any lady that’ll not fall in love with a thoughtfully wrapped rose teddy bear. Just surprise her with an authentic flower bear, and you’ll simply knock her socks off.

It’s Decorative

Fresh roses will wilt, and soon find themselves thrown away after the occasion. A chocolate gift will be quickly devoured and forgotten. But a bear of roses delivers an eternal romance and flair. Besides, they’ll look amazing as a decor piece in your loved one’s office, bedroom, bathroom or even living room. They are designed to last a lifetime without getting boring.

Virtually No Care Required

Remember a flower bear is made of synthetic material that doesn’t attract dirt or dust. It doesn’t need to be cleaned every so often. It’s simply a gift that keeps on giving because it sits there beautifully and magnificently with little or no care needed.

A Great Variety

No two ladies are exactly the same, and neither should your gift. Given that luxury rose bears come in all sizes, colors, and patterns, you can always find one that’ll marry well with your loved one’s personality, preference, and style. Yes, the standard sizes are 20cm (8-inch) or 40cm (15-inches), but you may want to select the right one to ensure that your gift will sweep your lady off her feet. Whether it’s pink, romantic red or diamond variants, you have a ton of options for the ladies in your life this year!

Won’t Break the Bank

Let’s face it; real roses are expensive, and they don’t last forever. You’ll be happy to know that handmade rose bears not only look fabulous and offer unmatched decor power, but they also won’t break your bank account.

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What Occasions are the Best to Gift a Rose Bear?

The simple answer is ‘just about any occasion.’ Let me correct that: a rose teddy bear is a gift that’s right for any and all occasions that you can think of. However, here are occasions that gifting one is a no-brainer:

Valentine’s Day

Chances are that you have given your wife or girlfriend almost every textbook gift. Talk about clichés – the flower bouquet, the diamond ring (yay!), the beautiful necklace, a perky pair of earrings, a new car, a gift certificate (don’t you just hate that?), a pampering session … the whole shebang! So, how will you change things up this Valentine’s season and get sparks fly again?

That’s where a Rose Bear comes in handy. It comes with a timeless appeal. It’s unique. And it shows that you put a little more thought into it. A handmade rose bear is what the doctor prescribed this year for Valentine’s Day. Trust us; this gift will certainly awaken her romantic and girly side.


Roses are a birthday staple, but why not kick it up a notch this year?

If you know her favorite color (and I bet you do), you are halfway to the most meaningful birthday gift ever. Just pick out a gorgeous flower bear in her favorite color, and have it delivered in time for her birthday. This is a gift that she’ll cherish, relive, and enjoy for a very long, long time!


If you’re looking for a gift that the bride & groom will not tuck away in the closet/garage or get thrown out, you have just found it. Yes, your flower bear might not look anything like that curved 4K LED TV, but it’s something that the couple will live to see every anniversary.

Another TV wonder will be invented, but a rose teddy bear will always find a sweet spot in the couple’s home. Do you envision it on top of their fireplace, kitchen or even bedroom?


A Rose is the gold standard of romance. And what could be better a gift than a rose bear that’ll last forever much akin to the couple’s love and marriage? A flower bear in red is an obvious choice for an anniversary.

After all, red roses are the universal symbol of love, romance, and passion. Make sure to attach a short message conveying your love (the rose bear may be enough, but hey it's your loved one!)

A Special Day For A Little Girl

During Girls Day, daughters are often presented with gifts such as sweets, candy, and even flowers. However, if you want your daughter, sister or niece to feel more loved and beautiful than ever, a rose teddy bear is your best bet. Make sure to get one in white, light blue or diamond variant to signify her purity, chastity, and innocence.

Mothers Day

Is there any gift that’s good enough for your mom? While there’s no way you can ever thank your mom enough, a handmade rose bear can certainly make for a picture-perfect gift for this year’s Mothers Day. Your mother will definitely find an awesome spot for it in her home. Make sure to get one in a color and style that’ll match well with her interior decor. After all, you want a gift that your mom will be proud to display for everyone to feast their eyes on.

Say “Thank You” in Style

A rose is a classic symbol for saying thank you. Show your maid of honor, friend, colleague or godparents that you appreciate their work by gifting them with a bear of roses. In accordance with conventional rose meanings, buy a flower bear in dark pink because it’s the color of gratitude.

Get Well

To brighten someone’s day, or say get well, buy a flower bear in a vibrant and cheerful color. A colorful rose teddy bear might just be what you need to lift their spirit and let them know that you have them in your thoughts.


These are just a few occasions where a teddy rose bear is spot on.

Don’t forget that they can also do well for conveying your sympathy, confirmations, baptisms, friendships, and even graduation, just to mention a few more.

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How to Choose the Perfect Rose Bear for your Lady

When you gift a flower bear, it’s crucial to make sure that the recipient will love and cherish it. Here are a few tips that’ll help you pick out the right handcrafted rose teddy bear for your lady love.

(1) Get the Color Right

We’ve already touched on this, but here’s a quick rundown:

  • Red rose teddy bear is perfect for romantic occasions – anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, weddings, and so on.
  • Dark colored bears symbolize goodbye, rebirth or death, and therefore are for expressing sympathy and remorse, especially in a funeral.
  • White rose teddy bears symbolize purity, chastity or innocence – great for baptism, confirmations, girls days, etc.
  • Purple flower bears are also for romantic occasions
  • Green ones are for spiritual occasions, e.g. baptism, confirmations, etc.
  • Blue rose teddy bears aren’t designed especially for any occasion but can do wonders if you gift them to your crush or secret admirer.
  • Burgundy flower bears will do well for a wedding gift

(2) Do A Little Research

Not all rose bear vendors are created equal. That’s why you need to do a little homework to make sure that you’ll get the real thing. More crucially, read online reviews, ask for recommendations from people you trust, and do due diligence. If a vendor has many negative reviews or complaints online, you might want to look elsewhere.

(3) Check Our Return Policy

If you’re buying a rose bear online, it’s paramount that you check out the store’s return policy. If the bear isn’t up to the scratch, you’ll want it either replace or get a refund. Does the seller offer refunds in the first place?

(4) Turnaround

A fast turnaround is crucial when it comes to gifts, especially last minute presents. You want to buy from a seller that has a track record for delivering on or before promised date. The last thing you want is to receive a beautiful Valentine’s gift for your lady days or weeks after the big day. A seller with an order tracking feature can make a huge difference.

(5) Customizing Your Rose Bear

The beauty of buying your rose teddy bear from an online store like RoseBear.me is that you can personalize the color, the size, and whatnot to your specification. If a seller doesn’t offer customization option, it’s not worth it. Add a nice message, note or something that’ll add more pizzazz and oomph to your flower bear.

(6) Buy Early

Don’t be a last-minute grinch. The rule of thumb is to order or purchase your gift 2 to 3 weeks before the big day or longer if you’re having it custom made.

Now that we have you here …

Why go through all the trouble when you can get top-notch, handmade rose bears from RoseBear.me? Order now and watch as you leave her with a sparkle in her eye, and a huge smile on her face!

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